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Ride the waves your own way.
Island waveskis was created and founded in Cocoa Beach, Florida and continues to be one of the leading manufactorers of custom waveskis in the world. Check out our shop, we have something for everyone and you will not be disappointed!
Waveski surfing originated in Australia and South Africa over 30 years ago amongst lifesavers and canoeists who adapted their craft for riding waves. Our Island Waveskis are designed by US Champions Roy and Pam Scafidi. The designs are proven with over 16 US Championships captured by waveski surfers on Island Waveskis.
Roy Scafidi

Roy Scafidi


Roy is the owner of Island Waveskis and has been designing and competing for several years. He is also the former president of the world waveski association.

more than Just Waveskis

Our creations extend beyond waveskis. We can help you design and create a custom surfboard, SUP, and more!

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We have the largest collection of custom waveskis IN THE WORLD!


We make and design fully cutom surfboards as well. Call to have a custom board shaped!!!


Island Waveskis also makes the most modern Stand Up Paddle Boards on the market.
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