The Island Waveski is a surf craft that you ride the waves on.
It handles very easily on a wave in much the same way as a surfboard.
The difference is that you are seated and turn with body movements and a paddle.
Lightweight, about 60% lighter then a surf kayak, Island Waveskis are fast!!!

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These hand-made fiberglass waveskis have 3 fins and modern surfboard rail shapes.
Waveski surfing originated in Australia and South Africa about 30 years ago
amongst lifesavers and canoeist who adapted their craft for riding waves.
Waveski designs have evolved from long clumsy shapes to the high performance skis of today.
With this rapid design evolution, waveskiing has become an accepted alternative to surfing.

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Island Waveskis are designed by US Champions Roy and Pam Scafidi.
The designs are proven with over 16 US Championships captured by waveski surfers on Island Waveskis